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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you change survival in Minecraft?

You will see a list of all of your saved worlds. Select the world that you want to change the game mode for. Tap Edit world info to open the world's properties. Tap .Change next to "Gamemode:Creative". Select "Survival" from the menu that appears. The changes will be saved immediately. Start Minecraft PE and select your world.

What are some Minecraft survival servers?

According to a list compiled by, the most popular "Minecraft" survival game servers as of 2015 are, Mineplex, Cube Craft, Hypixel and TheArchon. features a list of over 2,000 different survival game servers, each alongside its server status and player count.

Is Minecraft Classic free?

Minecraft Classic is the free, casual version of Minecraft Alpha. You can while away a few hours in a randomly-generated 3D world where you can explore, build and dig to create incredible structures.

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