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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best mods for armor in Minecraft?

12 Best (And Free) Armor Mods For Minecraft. 1 1. Emerald Equipment. Check Out This Mod. 2 2. Block Armor. 3 3. Armor Movement. 4 4. Minecraft Mob Armor. 5 5. Armor Extended. More items

What is guns mod for mcpe (Minecraft Pocket Edition)?

Guns Mod for MCPE (Minecraft Pocket Edition) is a mod that adds a lot of new cool guns and weapons. Fight with your enemies with new guns. Why should I install this app (Guns Mod)? # This application includes not one mod with Guns and Weapons, and a selection of the most popular mods and maps with Guns and Weapons.

What is the mob armor mod?

The Mob Armor mod features armor sets from just about every mob type featured in the game. Of course, you won’t be just getting kicks out of bad-guy aesthetics here; each mob armor set also comes with its own set of upgrades and perks.

What is the block armor set in Minecraft?

So what better mod to live up to that lofty ideal than one that precisely lets players create armor sets the way they want them to look. The Block Armor set allows players to craft armor from the thousands and thousands of pixelated blocks depicted in the game.

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