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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to download forge for Minecraft?

I have both Web Of Trust and uBlock Origin installed on my browser, I went to download forge for 1.12.1 off of the official website but when I tried to download it uBock blocked adfocus, after I allowed access temporarily WOT blocked it telling me it was known for malware ad phishing.

Why is forge 1.8.9 blocked in Minecraft?

When I try to install forge 1.8.9 on the forge page it says it is unsafe and it is blocked. Is there any way to get around this? Click to expand... It's because it uses adfly, Which version you trying to get? It's because it uses adfly, Which version you trying to get? Click to expand... Click to expand... Click to expand...

Why is Google Chrome blocking my forge download?

I may be wrong; however, it seems like Google Chrome is automatically blocking your downloads. If you wish to get past this, you could try to turn off phishing & malware warnings The following steps will turn off phishing and malware warnings, as well as download warnings.

Why is forge not downloading on my computer?

Or change your web browser settings as it could be preventing it from getting the file as it doesn't trust the site your downloading it from/preventing the download due to the link hosting a jar file, maybe). I've never had an issue with it on Internet Explorer, Edge or Firefox but I've heard Chrome has/did have it where it prevented the download.

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