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Frequently Asked Questions

Where did forge labs use the modpack arcticraft?

The modpack with all of the mods Forge Labs used in his "100 Days in the Arctic in Minecraft" video. You've somehow landed yourself in the frozen and barren wastelands somewhere in northern Canada. You must use your limited knowledge to craft and gather materials you need for survival.

Where can I find Forge labs on YouTube?

Forge Labs - YouTube For business inquiries please email:[email protected] For business inquiries please email: [email protected]

What kind of modpack is parasites by Forge labs?

The modpack seen in "I Survived 100 Days in Hardcore Minecraft with Parasites by Forge Labs! License Creative Common...

How often do you mutation zombies in Forge labs?

I "mutated" the zombies every 10 days via the included Thicc Entities mod. (I did this with the config file) HAVING PROBLEMS? HERE'S HOW TO FIX THEM AND DO "MUTATIONS":

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