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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any anti cheat servers in Minecraft?

World Parkour Maker is a Minecraft server with custom parkour courses made by the community. Welcome to SMP-Revamped! the variety server - now with deep caves! Show more...

Is there an anti cheat in Minecraft griefer?

There is no anti-cheat here, so you can easily cheat, grief, dup. The only rule is not to offend moms or kill on the spawn! Griefer Server | Version 1.12.2

Are there any rules in Fortnite for cheats?

• There are no rules on the server, the use of cheats is not prohibited, BUT you can get a temporary moot for spam in the chat and a ban for committing actions that interfere with the operation of the server. • On the server, within a radius of 200 blocks, there are no: PvP, explosions, flow of water and lava and the spread of fire.

Which is the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft?

The oldest anarchy server in Minecraft. Chaos, battles, cheats... Every Sunday a big weekly Event! Survival, Towny, Land Protection, PVP/PVE, Teleports, Economy, Player Shops + Minigames. Check out 3b3t de. everything ist allowed. Piglin dupe is active. Donkey dupe is active. no lagmachines. hosted in Germany, that

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