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Frequently Asked Questions

Are mini goldendoodles good dogs?

The quick rise of the popularity of Mini Goldendoodles is due to the dogs themselves. They are highly social dogs who are good with strangers and make great family pets. They have become a popular sought after pet and make great therapy dogs as well.

Are mini goldendoodle puppies easy to train?

Mini Goldendoodles are extremely smart and can be easily trained with minimal effort. Not only are they smart, but also loyal and they aim to please. There is no better friend than a well trained dog. Having a highly intelligent and responsive dog certainly makes the training process much easier.

What is a micro goldendoodle?

Micro Goldendoodles are super tiny, with adults weighing between less than 15 pounds and standing up to 14 inches tall at the wither. The important thing to look for when choosing a micro Goldendoodle breeder is how the breeder guarantees temperament and coat quality while simultaneously achieving the desired size.

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