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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a convertible folding Van bed?

A convertible folding van bed, on the other hand, can serve multiple purposes like a dinette/office space during the day and a bed at night. In this overview of the best vans for van life, we shared the dimensions of different panel vans.

What kind of bed do you put in a camper van?

11 Camper Van Bed Designs For Your Next Van Build. 1 Platform Beds. The platform bed is probably one of the most standard bed designs around, and the design we chose for our van build. Platform beds have ... 2 Adding Flares. 3 Convertible Beds. 4 The Table Bed. 5 The Flip Bench Bed Design. More items

What is a couch bed for a van?

The couch bed is a common solution for van lifers. There are a number of different ways a couch bed can be built. @dont_know_road used benches that fold down to hold cushions in place whether you feel like sitting up or laying down. We also love the bedsheets!

What size mattress should I put in my van build?

The bed is always ready for rainy afternoon naps and after a long day on the trail. Also, if you decide to plan a platform bed into your van build, you may be able to make a regular mattress fit (likely a queen size), although you’ll probably have some extra space around it.

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