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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a minivan camper build?

The minivan camper build features a dinette, which turns into a double bed, and a kitchen with a sink, a countertop, a fold-out table and storage. The kitchen is at the back of the van for outdoor cooking. In it, there’s space to add a cooker and a cooler. The design blends a modern camper with rustic colors.

Is a minivan a good choice for a camping van?

If you are camping enthusiast then you certainly know the importance of having a camping van that is customized for life on the road. A minivan can make a great RV for you and your partner or even your small family.

Can you dwell in a mini van?

Van Dwelling in a Mini Van: Why, How, and Getting Started. This post may contain affiliate links or mention our own products, please check out our disclosure policy here. Van Dwelling in a Mini Van: Why, How, and Getting Started. The cost of fuel can dramatically affect your mobility when it comes to living a mobile lifestyle.

Can you have a living room in a minivan camper?

A living room is usually not possible if your bed takes up most of the area in your minivan camper. You can either make sure to design a living room when building your minivan camper or utilize your camping area as your living room. If you have the room consider a family size tent if you want more privacy outside of your minivan camper.

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