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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minivan keyboard?

The Minivan was designed by “The VanMan” from The Van Keyboards, who was also the designer of the Lightcycle keyset I used in my recent Tron homage build. The Minivan came into being a few years ago when The VanMan ordered a different 40% keyboard (one of the few available at the time), but became irked by a few inefficiencies in the layout.

How do I use a minivan?

The first step in using a Minivan is building it. Like the WhiteFox or RedScarf, this is a kit that you need to put together yourself. You’ll have to get a soldering iron, but the Minivan is actually a good first project as it’s small and has just a few parts: the case, PCB (connects via USB Type-C), and stabilizers (the wires under longer keys).

Where is the spacebar on a minivan?

The spacebar on the Minivan is a 2u key on the bottom row… right next to the enter key. Again, having the large enter key on the right side of the board would take up a lot of space, and there aren’t as many rows available in this layout. Moving enter to the bottom is a necessary concession.

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