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Frequently Asked Questions

Which minivan has the largest cargo space?

The family-friendly Toyota Sienna has the largest cargo well at 39.1 cubic feet in the minivan class.

What are the dimensions of an average mini van?

There are no exact size limitations; most of the minivans are more than 200 inches long and have three rows of seats for 8 or even 9 passengers. Let's see, what is the exact length of some modern minivans. Overall Length: 189.7 in The Ford Transit Connect Wagon, even with the long wheelbase, is the shortest minivan on the market currently.

What is the average size of a minivan?

The cargo area in a typical minivan measures 56.5 to 59 inches in height, 84 to 85 inches from the rear door to the back of the driver's seat, and 61.5 to 66 inches in width. Typical minivans have 142 to 149 cubic feet of cargo space.

Who makes the largest minivan?

The biggest minivan model on the market is currently the 2011 Honda Odyssey which has seating for 8 people. In this it has a similar capacity to the 2010 Honda Odyssey model and is only slightly larger in capacity to the Toyota Sienna which has an additional seat that can be called into action if necessary but is really a 7-seater.

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