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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you rent a 15 passenger van?

A major credit card is required for deposit to rent a 12/15 passenger van in New York, Vermont and Newark Airport. If renting in New Jersey, a major credit card may be required. Renters should contact the branch prior to making a reservation for payment requirements.

How to rent a minivan?

You can rent a minivan from most Budget locations across the United States and around the world. Pop your preferred pickup location into the reservation form above to see if a minivan rental is available for your trip.

Does National Car Rental have unlimited miles?

Yes, unlimited mileage is offered standard with all in-state rental cars; out-of-state rentals include either unlimited mileage or a pre-designated number of included miles per day/week/month as part of the rate structure.

What is a 'mini' car in car rental?

What is a 'mini' car in car rental? 'Mini' cars are the smallest types of cars you can hire . Minis are suitable for three or four people for very short trips. For longer trips, they're more suitable for one or two people. Minis are often (but not necessarily) hatchbacks.

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