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Frequently Asked Questions

How did the man get shot in Minneapolis?

While trying to arrest a person wanted on a felony warrant in a parked car on Thursday afternoon, US Marshals task force members shot the suspect, who had "produced a handgun" and "failed to comply with officers' commands," the US Marshals Service said in a prepared statement obtained by CNN affiliate WCCO. The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

Who is the mayor of Minneapolis, MN?

The ballot question measure has been submitted to Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey for his consideration. He has five days starting Monday to decide whether to sign or veto the resolution, which the city council can override with a two-thirds majority vote.

Who is the Minneapolis City Councilmember who supports police reform?

City Councilmember Steve Fletcher, who represents portions of downtown Minneapolis and has advocated for police reform, told CNN he was in favor of disbanding the department. "I am supporting the resolution because we really need to change how we approach public safety in our city," Fletcher said.

Are there still burning restrictions in northern Minnesota?

Burning Restrictions To Be Lifted In Much Of Northern Minnesota OvernightWith recent rains, a number of areas in Minnesota will lift their burning restrictions overnight. However, the Minnesota DNR said that the northeastern tip of Minnesota would remain under Class III burning restrictions.

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