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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch KSTP news on TV?

All of KSTP’s newscasts are streamed live through our web site and app. When we're not streaming a live newscast or a breaking news event, we will replay our most recent broadcast. If you experience delays with video loading, please refresh your browser.

When did Kirsten Lindquist leave CNN for KSTP?

Lindquist left radio news for television in 1980 and joined the start-up crew of CNN news, going on to anchor CNN from Los Angeles. In 1985, she moved to Minneapolis and anchored the news on what was WUSA and then KARE, Channel 11, and then KSTP, Channel 5.

What was the Minnesota State Patrol purge of text messages?

The admission made in court that Minnesota State Patrol troopers engaged in a massive “purge” of text messages and emails after protests last summer have raised questions among lawmakers and advocates for transparency.

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