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Frequently Asked Questions

Did Minneapolis SWAT team fire 'less lethal' balloons at civilians?

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey called a Minneapolis SWAT team’s tactic of driving around in an unmarked van firing “less lethal” plastic projectiles at civilians five days after George Floyd’s police killing “incredibly disturbing.”

What happened in the SWAT raid in Anoka County?

Although it was a Minneapolis investigation, the home was in Anoka County. So, the sheriff’s SWAT team was brought in to assist with the raid. As her home was searched, she says it became clear to the officers that they had made a mistake. “Oh, you’re not who we’re looking for,” she recalls being told.

What happened to the Minneapolis Police Department's investigation of a shooting?

The Minneapolis Police Department originally investigated its own officer-involved shooting and found no wrongdoing. In 2014, the then-police chief pushed to have the BCA investigate future cases where officers use force. Minneapolis police told WCCO in October that the case “was investigated thoroughly and reviewed in great depth by legal experts.

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