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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good visit to a mint dentist?

Each MINT office is professionally designed and appointed. We were the first to feature iPads, Beats headphones, and leather massage chairs to make your visit luxurious and comfortable. Our Team of Dentists approach to dentistry means that your second opinion is just down the hall instead of across town.

Where is the Mint dentist in Irving TX?

MINT dentistry | Las Colinas 4000 North MacArthur Boulevard Suite A116 Irving, TX 75038. 972-449-4400

When did dr.field Harrison open Mint dentistry?

Through regular dental exams and cleanings, you can experience improved overall dental health, contributing to restorative and aesthetic results. In 2009, Dr. Field Harrison opened MINT dentistry with one single goal: to change everything about dentistry. Dentists themselves will tell you, he did.

Why is mint dentistry so aggressive in treating gum disease?

MINT dentistry is very aggressive in treating gum disease because it can result in a catastrophic loss of teeth.

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