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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make Mint invitations for a wedding?

JOIN MINTED MORE ► A HINT OF MINT. Give your wedding look a fresh pop of color with perfect palette pairings and unique designs by independent artists.

How much does a wedding invitation suite cost?

$3 – $8 Per Invitation Suite. Overall, you can expect to spend $3 to $8 per person on a wedding invitations suite which includes, invitations and reply cards, save the dates, reception cards, place cards, and thank you cards.

What's the most expensive part of minted wedding invitations?

This is where Minted wedding invitations really shine: high end options (like foil and letterpress) without the price tag. The most expensive part of these techniques is what’s called the die: an etched metal stamp that’s pressed into the paper to make a regressed design.

How much does an engraved wedding invitation cost?

Engraved Wedding Invitations Cost. Couples who have a more roomy budget, or would love for their invitations to really pop, an engraved design is always an ideal choice. Being the most expensive option, expect to pay as much as $2,000 per 100 invitations. This technique can be very labor-intensive, which is reflected in the above average cost.

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