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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about mintvine?

An interesting thing to know about MintVine is that, when you go into their website, you will come across a well-designed page with a great user interface and even an introductory video where you are told how the survey system works.

How can I make extra money with mintvine?

MintVine has become Branded Surveys. You can join Branded Surveys here. Market research panels are diverse and offer many ways through which their members can make extra cash monthly, usually involving opinion sharing, although some of them are much more original than that.

Is there a company called mintvine that does surveys?

Let’s kick our Mintvine review with a little history. Mintvine is a company that offers paid surveys to its users. The marketing research company has been in operation since 2012. But, in 2017 they rebranded to Branded Surveys. However, even after rebranding, the company stuck to its primary goal.

Is there a forum for members of mintvine?

MintVine also has a forum where its members can share their opinion about happenings around the website, such as daily polls, local deals, and even issues with the site’s performance. It is called MintForum and can be accessed by all members of the panel through the main portal.

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