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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the architects that work with Mirvac design?

Mirvac Design worked with a number of architectural practices to produce a variety of dwelling types at Newington. Architects in association: Eeles Trelease, Vote Associates, Tanner and Associates, Gordon and Valich, Virginia Kerridge Architects, Grose Bradley Associates, Order Architects, Tonkin Zulhaika, PTW, Hassell

Where is Mirvac office and industrial located in Australia?

Explore our award-winning apartment projects and masterplanned communities across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Mirvac Office and Industrial is one of Australia's leading property owners and managers, with globally recognised assets located across Australia.

How does Mirvac help the green ceramics industry?

To get the green ceramics from the lab to the marketplace it is imperative to first get the product right and also establish that there is a market. To this end SMaRT Centre provides the science and engineering smarts and Mirvac contributes expertise in design, development, construction and marketing.

Is the Mirvac apartment made from waste materials?

Mirvac today revealed an industry-first apartment, made using waste materials, that has the potential to revolutionise home construction and at the same time transform household waste into a valuable resource.

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