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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the company Mirvac a good place to work?

Mirvac is well respected integrated property company that offers so much to its employees who want to learn and progress in the industry. This is represented by the many people like myself who have been here for many years and still learning and progressing.

Who are the senior members of Mirvac Group?

Development and investment group Mirvac is preparing a new phase by overhauling its senior ranks. Developer Mirvac is feeling pandemic profit pain but expects residential housing, and build-to-rent, to help power a rebound.

How is the housing market affecting Mirvac Group?

The buoyant residential market is lifting many developers, and Mirvac is seeing the benefit of an earlier decision to focus on master-planned community housing. Universal design, which considers the needs for a diverse range of people, is coming to an office development near you – thanks to the pandemic.

What does a typical day at Mirvac consist of?

A typical day includes inspection of building defect and issues interacting with owners and trades to resolve problems, project management, maintaining high WH&S standards. Often there are challenging problems including structural, water ingress and complex issues need to be resolved.

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