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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Mirvac office and industrial located in Australia?

Explore our award-winning apartment projects and masterplanned communities across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Mirvac Office and Industrial is one of Australia's leading property owners and managers, with globally recognised assets located across Australia.

How big is the Mirvac multigeneration collection?

Your new forever home. A unique innovation, Mirvac has designed a stylish MultiGeneration home that will grow with you. From the first home owner to an expanding family, or multi-couple family, the MultiGeneration Collection transforms to reflect your life’s changes. You’ll never have to change address again and all of this on a 12.5m wide lot.

What does Mirvac do with your personal information?

The Mirvac Group (Mirvac Limited and its controlled entities) collects and uses personal information about you to provide you with information you request from Mirvac. Mirvac also uses your personal information for related purposes including to request your feedback on the products and services provided by Mirvac.

How to contact Mirvac about a new home?

The Bromley, showcases the quality design and construction for which Mirvac is renowned. Please contact us on 9080 8757 to speak to one of our sales team for more information or to book an appointment. Your new forever home.

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