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Frequently Asked Questions

What does mitigation really mean?

Description: In general, mitigation means to minimize degree of any loss or harm. In insurance contracts, various clauses and conditions are specified so as to ensure minimum losses to the insurer.

What is the significance of mitigation?

Mitigation refers to pre-emptive measures taken to reduce the negative impacts of a crisis or disaster. Mitigation does not completely prevent a disaster necessarily, but it does lessen the severity of the disaster both before it starts and during the ordeal.

What is the mitigation process?

Mitigation is the process of making something less severe or less intense. An example of a mitigation is the lessening of the pain of a wound.

What are factors of mitigation?

Mitigating factors include an ability for the criminal to reform, mental retardation, an addiction to illegal substances or alcohol that contributed to the criminal behavior, and past good deeds, among many others. Recognition of particular mitigating factors varies by jurisdiction.

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