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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the noise mitigation rules for construction?

These rules establish a unique noise mitigation plan for each construction site, offering alternatives for contractors to continue their important construction tasks while having less noise impact on the surrounding environment.

What is an attached sample form of a noise mitigation plan?

The attached sample form of a noise mitigation plan is intended to inform the user of the required plan elements that a responsible party must include when the listed devices are being used on site, and the mitigation strategies and best management practices that are being employed as defined in 15RCNY Section 28-102.

What does DOB stand for?

DOB Definition Duplication of Benefits (DOB) is the term used to describe when assistance from more than one source is used for the same purpose or activity. The purpose may constitute all or a portion of a mitigation project.

How can total safety consulting help with NYC DOB compliance?

The team of professionals at Total Safety Consulting knows the codes and standards put forth by the NYC DOB. We can help you by providing safety professionals for your jobsite that will monitor compliance. TSC can also help you draft a site safety plan for your jobsite that will comply with NYC DOB regulations.

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