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Frequently Asked Questions

What does mitigation really mean?

What Does Mitigation Mean? Mitigation describes any type of action that is used to reduce the severity of a negative consequence of some kind. It can be used when referring to the reduction of seriousness, painfulness, gravity, force, and grief, as well as anything one might consider negative or weighty.

What is the significance of mitigation?

Yet while the Court sees fit to take judicial notice of the situation of a health crisis, it acts as if the parallel political crisis does not exist. It declines to hear any evidence of what “us” as an organisation, as a people, are experiencing in this pandemic of political repression.

What does the word 'mitigate' mean?

● The third most critical area would be a recognition that climate cooperation and climate competition are not by definition mutually exclusive. This is to imply that applying pressure on one country to keep up with its commitments, or lack thereof, should not be viewed as pure disrespect of the other.

What does mitigating mean?

tokenization essentially means that the 16-digital card number is replaced by a unique code or ‘token’ – useful for mobile or online transactions. This devaluation of sensitive data that tokenization facilitates, helps to mitigate any risks of ...

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