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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for mixed in?

Another word for mixed. mixed Synonyms. modif. Commingled. admixed, blended, fused, mingled, commixed, compounded, combined, amalgamated, united, brewed, tied, merged, embodied, infused, transfused, crossed, hybridized, assimilated, married, woven, kneaded, incorporated; see also joined. Antonyms separated*, severed, raveled.

What is mixed in key 8?

Mixed In Key 8 also includes something the developers are calling "X-ray Vision", which is basically a whole-track waveform view that separates beats from melodies, meaning it is in theory easy to spot where cue points should be dropped (incidentally, it'll drop up to eight automatically for you in places like the first beat, the start of the verse and so on).

What is mixed in Key Studio Edition?

Mixed In Key Studio Edition Features: Fast and reliable key detection right in your DAW Add it to any audio channel Available as a VST or AU Key detection for your samples View harmonic changes in your audio, in real time Using Mixed In Keys award-winning key detection algorithm

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