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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the opioid epidemic a problem in Minnesota?

Opioid Overdoses Have Spiked In Minnesota During Pandemic The opioid epidemic led to a record number of drug overdoses in the United States last year. The spike is happening in Minnesota, too. Mask Mandate Unlikely In Classrooms This Fall, Minnesota Ed.

Why is the weather in Minnesota so hot?

MN Weather: Much-Needed Rain Comes Tuesday, Followed By Summer's Coolest Temps About an inch of rain is expected in the metro Tuesday. Why Is It So Extremely Hot This Summer?

Is there a drought in Minnesota right now?

MN Weather: Parts Of State Now Experiencing ‘Extreme’ Drought Conditions, Something Not Seen Since 2013 Drought conditions have worsened significantly across the state in the last week, according to an update from the U.S. Drought Monitor.

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