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Frequently Asked Questions

When do tabs expire MN?

According to Minnesota law, collector's plates must contain numbers, "Minnesota" and "Collector.". Minnesota collector's plates never expire, and the plates have no date or year tabs.

Where to renew tabs Minnesota?

You must note that the registration tabs displayed on the license plate must be renewed every year. You can either renew the registration tab online or mail your renewal form and payment to Driver and Vehicle Services Renewal, PO Box 64587, St. Paul, MN, 55164-0587.

What is the fine for expired tabs in Minnesota?

In Minnesota, for example, a fine for expired tags will cost you $108. The cost to renew your tags varies depending on your vehicle's value but typically does not exceed one or two of these fines.

What is needed for enhanced license MN?

The enhanced ID comes with an extra cost of $15 and is only provided at a handful of state locations. To get an enhanced license, Minnesotans must be at least 16 years old and provide proof of their date of birth, full legal name, Social Security Number, United States residency and photographic proof of their identity.

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