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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the forestry department in Minnesota?

Division of Forestry. DNR Forestry keeps Minnesota's forests and trees growing strong. Minnesota's 59 state forests, school trust acres, and other forested lands make up the 4.2 million acres we manage. Our forests need care and management to provide clean water and natural resources for future generations.

Where can I find information on Minnesota forest incentive Act?

More information can be found on the DNR's Cost-share for Woodland Owners webpage. Incentive Programs: The Minnesota Sustainable Forest Incentive Act (SFIA) jointly managed by Minnesota Department of Revenue and DNR is an incentive program to keep forests as forests on our landscape.

How does the DNR help with Forest Stewardship?

Forest stewardship The DNR Forest Stewardship Program helps woodland owners manage your woods through advice and education, cost-share programs, and Woodland Stewardship Plans. We work through a statewide network of DNR, public, and private foresters specially trained in forest stewardship.

When did 2C managed forest land start in Minnesota?

Created in 2008, 2c Managed Forest Land is a property tax designation that offers Minnesota woodland owners a property tax rate of 0.65 percent on actively managed woodland. For both programs, landowners with at least 20 acres of forest land under a registered Woodland Stewardship Plan may be eligible.

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