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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a forest in Minnesota?

About 70% of Minnesota is covered by forest land. The Laurentian Mixed Forest (LMF) with mixed hardwood and conifers covers a little more than 23 million acres of the northeastern part of the state. The Eastern Broadleaf Forest (EBF) covers nearly 12 million acres of the central and southeastern parts of the state.

What is the Department of Natural Resources?

The Department of Natural Resources is composed of the Office of the Director, Water Resources, Soil and Water Conservation Program and five programmatic divisions. The five divisions include Administrative Support, Energy, Environmental Quality, State Parks and Missouri Geological Survey.

Is Minnesota a forest?

Minnesota State Forests are State forests located within the U.S. State of Minnesota. The 59 state forests were established by the Minnesota Legislature in order to conserve and manage the forest resources, including: Timber management, Wildlife management, Water resources management,...

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