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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Minnesota state lottery number?

Minnesota Lottery Customer Service Phone Number. Phone Number of Minnesota Lottery is +1(218) 846-0700 / (507) 444-2400 . The official lottery of Minnesota is handled and controlled by the Minnesota State Lottery Department. According to the State Lottery Act each dollar which was gathered by the lottery must be spent.

How to find lottery numbers?

5 Fun Ways to Find Your Lucky Numbers Go With Traditional Lucky Numbers. In many places in the world, people consider seven to be a lucky number. ... Create Personally Meaningful Lucky Numbers. ... Use Numerology to Pick Lucky Numbers. ... Horoscopes Offer Lucky Numbers Daily. ... Lucky Number Generators. ... Go With Your Intuition. ... A Warning About Lottery Strategies. ...

Where can I find previous lottery numbers?

Use the online Powerball Number Checker to check the tickets you've bought against the Powerball winning numbers for the past 365 days. Prior to this, please scroll to the bottom and click "View Past Powerball Numbers". If you would like more information on how to play the game, please visit the Powerball Information page.

How many numbers are on the lottery?

The Most Common Lottery Numbers. 1 to 31. Combinations formed from numbers 1 to 31 are used by a staggering majority of lottery players.

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