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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you win scratch off tickets?

5 Best Strategies to Win Instant Lottery Scratch-Off Games 1. Always buy scratch off lottery tickets from the same roll 2. Buy scratch off lottery tickets in bulk 3. Watch others playing 4. Check losing tickets with the retailer 5. Apply logic and calculate the winnings

What are the chances of winning the lottery?

Most people consider the lottery as purely a game of chance and luck. The statistical chance of winning the lottery is a staggering 14 million to 1 chance! However, more and more people have been trying different techniques to try and increase their chance of winning the lottery.

What is the second chance drawing in the lottery?

A 2nd Chance Drawing is a drawing for a Lottery prize in which an eligible non-winning Oregon Lottery ticket is submitted for the chance to win a prize. For certain 2nd Chance Drawings, as solely determined by the Lottery, a member may enter a drawing by submitting an electronic entry through the website.

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