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Frequently Asked Questions

What numbers are the most winning numbers in the lottery?

The most common winning Powerball numbers are 24, 21, 9, 13, and 6. The numbers 24 and 21 lead the way, both having been drawn 21 times.

What are the most likely lottery numbers?

According to them, the most common Powerball main draw numbers are (in order of drawn the most frequently to least): 26 (drawn 279 times), 16, 41, 32, 28, 22, 23, 42, 39, 19, 10, 9, 40, 20, 45, 35, 8, and 13 (drawn 258 times.)

What were the winning numbers for the Mega Millions lottery?

By Kurt Chirbas and Minyvonne Burke Someone's life has just changed forever. A single winning Mega Millions ticket was sold in South Carolina for just under the $1.6 billion jackpot prize, which officials previously thought would be record-breaking. The winning numbers were 5, 28, 62, 65, and 70, with a Mega Ball of 5.

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