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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the PMP program important in Minnesota?

Minnesota licensed prescribers and pharmacists, and their delegated staff may be authorized to access information from the PMP database.The program was implemented to promote public health and welfare by detecting diversion, abuse and misuse of prescriptions for controlled substances as defined in Minnesota Statutes Section 152.126 .

How to become a Minnesota PMP gateway licensee?

Please review the Minnesota PMP Gateway Welcome Kit for more information regarding details and processes. If your organization is interested in integrating your health IT system with the Minnesota PMP, submit your request by clicking the link below. Complete the PMP Gateway Licensee Questionnaire (sent after submitting the request form)

Who is exempt from the continuing medical education requirement?

Physicians under Emeritus registration and licensees in full-time residency or fellowship training at a professionally accredited facility are exempt from the continuing medical education requirement.

What is the prescription monitoring program in Minnesota?

The Minnesota Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) is a tool to be used by prescribers and pharmacists to assist in managing their patient’s care. It contains information provided by Minnesota licensed pharmacies and prescriber dispensers.

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