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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the quality of mnml products good UK?

I have received items from mnml and the quality is not that great for the money. The sizing is also a bit funny. I think for price and quality for people in the UK don't bother.

How long did it take mnml to deliver my order?

Mnml confirmed my order on Jan 16 and it arrived this morning on Jan 26. I'm from the UK so considering that it took 10 days to deliver is pretty fast. I also found that downloading the Route app to track my order was helpful. Overall I will be ordering from Mnml again :)

Is it worth buying route protection from mnml?

The tracking is stuck and no one want to take ownership, but I believe the fault is with mnml as it's most likely hanging around their warehouse. I bought that Route protection option too, don't bother, does nothing. All in all I'm not going to purchase from mnml again, it really isn't worth it.

How much did it cost to get pants from mnml?

Ordered 2 pants for a total 100€. I live in the netherlands so i had to pau 40€ extra fee. The pants were way too big so i have to send them back.. having to pay 30€ to send the items back. I lost 70€ for nothing... wouldnt recommend if youre not from the USA. Sounds like a scam... cant believe i actually threw away 70€ It’s A SCAM.

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