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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the oil thermostat on a Mocal engine?

Oil Thermostats Mocal inline oil thermostats are fitted into oil lines between the engine and the oil cooler. The oil thermostat diverts oil from the cooler until the oil reaches 80°C. Mocal oil sandwich plate with built in thermostat.

What should the temperature be for an oilstat?

It is therefore desirable to control of the oil flow through the cooler by a thermostatic device, we call an oilstat, set to divert oil to the cooler at 80°C (although a wide range of settings is available for special applications). This is the minimum temperature required to evaporate and dispel contaminating substances.

What kind of fittings do I need for an oilstat?

Two sizes of oilstat for in line fitting are available. Can be supplied with push on fittings for 3/8" or 1/2" bore hose only and is designed for smaller engines with relatively low oil flows. Larger than OT/1, can be supplied with any form of push on or threaded connection, male or female. The bodies of the these units are die cast aluminium.

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