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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Tesla Model 3 a good car?

Yes, the Tesla Model 3 is a good car. It provides great performance, delivering energetic acceleration and adept handling on top of excellent EV efficiency. It also has a well-built interior with spacious seats, above-average cargo space, and no shortage of technology.

What is the top speed of a Model 3?

On a Model S, that varies from 140 MPH for the base 70 kWh model to 155 MPH for the top-of-the-line P90D. We expect that the top speed of the Model 3 will be at least 130 MPH and may go as high as 150 or even 155 on the performance version with the largest battery pack.

What are the Model 3 options?

Full list of Tesla Model 3 options and specs Standard Battery Performance Interior Convenience Safety Warranty Long Range Battery - $9,000 Paint Wheels Premium Upgrades Package - $5,000. Upgraded interior with additional features and premium materials. More items...

How many Model 3 sold?

The Model 3 sold a total of 439,760 units in 2020, which is even more impressive considering the car was only launched in the US in 2018, and even later in other regions. Sales volume ramped up very quickly indeed. It is now the bestselling EV of all time as well, with over 800,000 units sold overall.

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