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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the color of the first model a Ford?

Of the Model T, Henry Ford said: "You can have any color you want as long as it's black." However, when he introduced the Model A in 1928, colors were definitely in. In 1928, the Phaeton and Roadster color options included a light and dark blue, gunmetal blue, gray, and light and dark beige.

How many Ford Model A's were made?

The Ford Motor Company produced five million Model "A's" from very late 1927 through 1931. With very few exceptions (for limited production body styles), Model "A" Fords are not very "rare." And, there are probably more on the road today than there were five years ago.

What year was the Ford Model A made?

The Model A is the designation of two cars made by Ford, one in 1903 and one beginning in 1927: Ford Model A (1903–1904) Ford Model A (1927–1931)

Who are Ford Models?

The Ford Modeling Agency, or as it is known today Ford Models, is an American international modeling agency based in New York City.

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