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Frequently Asked Questions

When did the Ford Model A come out?

The final year for Ford's Model A, 1931 saw the company build its 20 millionth car, and Ford would end up building 4.3 million... More Ford's 1928-1931 Model A has been called the car that saved the Ford Motor Company in the day. The first all-new Ford since 1908...

Are there any new Ford F150s for sale?

Autotrader has 26,223 New Ford F150s for sale, including a 2021 Ford F150 4x4 SuperCrew, a 2021 Ford F150 Lariat, and a 2021 Ford F150 Raptor. Not sure if a F150 is the right fit for you?

Is the Ford Model A a hot rod?

The Ford Model A, in all body styles, has been hot rod raw material as long as hot rodding has existed, with the pickup...

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