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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best RC car kit for kids?

Tamiya has been around for decades and loved by RC car enthusiasts. They are known for their high end, durable RC model kits. This kit may be a bit advanced for beginners or little children, and the kit doesn’t include everything. But an experienced or intermediate user will have a lot of fun assembling the car.

What are the features of RC model cars?

This model RC car comes with hi-tech features such as a realistic engine, suspension and two-speed gearbox. For car enthusiasts, owning an RC model car is a great way to grow or start your scale model collection. With our RC model car kits from ModelSpace the fun doesn’t end once your build is complete.

What is an RCRC kit?

RC Car & Truck Kits allow you to customize your vehicles from the very beginning, making it possible for you to select your electronics package, motor or engine, option or hop-up parts and even paint the body any way you see fit. Save $70 with code NEWYEARS2021.

What do I need to build my own RC car?

If you want to build your R.C. car yourself, then you will need a remote control, a servo, a lipo battery pack and charger, an E.S.C. (electronic speed controller), a brushless D.C. motor, an R.C. gear differential, wheels and chassis. You could also purchase a kit which contains most of the needed parts to build an R.C. car.

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