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Frequently Asked Questions

What are scale model cars?

1:12 scale is a model approximately 14 to 16 inches in length. Model cars are manufactured in various scale sizes, which denotes the reduced measurement of the model cars — based on measurements taken from the actual cars. That means that our models are scaled down in size, in proportions as near exact as possible, from real cars.

What is a model kit car?

The model car "kit" hobby began in the post World War II era with Ace and Berkeley wooden model cars. Revell pioneered the plastic model car in the late 1940s with their Maxwell kit, which was basically an unassembled version of a pull toy.

What is a toy model car?

A model vehicle or toy vehicle is a miniature representation of an automobile. Other miniature motor vehicles, such as trucks, buses, or even ATVs, etc. are often included in this general category.

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