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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Model Mayhem and how does it work?

Model Mayhem is a universal website for finding models, make-up artists, or hairstylists in your area. If you are going to arrange a photo session and need a professional team, you should learn more about Model Mayhem and find out how to work with it. What Is Model Mayhem? There are many people here who you can find regardless of the place.

How to use Model Mayhem to find a professional photographer?

When you have signed up and got approved on Model Mayhem, you can start searching. It’s very important to fill in the Browse section to use the website. This is the section where you write your requirements for the photo session. Select the type of the artist and the talent you need in the drop-down menu.

Should I message my talent on Model Mayhem?

Just remember to stay professional when messaging your talent. Some people tend to forget that Model Mayhem is a portfolio website, not a dating service. Before you contact a model, go through their profile and find out what they want for compensation.

Is Model Mayhem a registered trademark?

All Rights Reserved. MODEL MAYHEM is a registered trademark. Toggle Worksafe Mode: Off | On Do Not Sell My Personal Information.

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