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Frequently Asked Questions

How many pieces in a RC car kit?

The kit contains 370 pieces and is great for both beginners and intermediate users. It can be built as an RC off-road truck or any other car or truck creation, and this gives you or your child opportunities to develop their hand-eye coordination and also have fun while doing it.

What do you need for a RC car?

RC cars differ from one another, but they all have some similar components. The basic components that a kit has include a piece of radio equipment, batteries, battery chargers, motors and speed controllers, a chassis, an engine, a servo, a transmitter, a receiver, a controller and if it is electric then you need a battery pack.

Which is the best RC car for kids?

The BO-TOYS Rc S.U.V. aircraft carrier is perfect for children who love the military, and it is a unique construction kit that an eye-catching green design. It contains 506 pieces which are used to build a durable Rc SUV, the turret rotates at 360 degrees which increases your child’s imagination while playing.

How can I increase the speed of my RC car?

Option 1: Adjusting your gear ratio; there are two gears on your R.C. and both of them can be upgraded to increase the speed and acceleration of your R.C. Option 2: Changing your tires, using the wrong tires on a particular surface can slow down your R.C.

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