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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best scale for a model train?

HO scale is the most popular scale for model trains, by far. It’s 1:87 scale, approximately half the size of O scale. Like S scale, it permits a decent sized layout on a ping pong table. But unlike S scale, you can fit something moderately complex on a 4×8 sheet of plywood without any awkwardness.

What are the different gauges of model trains?

From left to right, three different model railway scales: N gauge (2mm:1ft scale), OO gauge (4mm:1ft scale) and G scale.

What are the scales for model trains?

Some common examples of mixing scales are: a foreshortening technique using N scale (1:160) model trains in the background (distance) with H0 scale (1:87) in the foreground. mixing 1:43 scale, 1:48 scale and 1:50 scale die-cast models with 0 scale model trains.

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