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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the Mountain Valley scenery kit?

Mountain Valley Scenery Kit® S928 Bring your train set to life! The Mountain Valley Scenery Kit is great for modelers who want to add scenery and build a tunnel on a new or existing 4- x 8-foot (121 cm x 243 cm ) layout. Designed for HO scale and easily adapts to N and O scales.

Which is the best model railroad scenery manufacturer?

Woodland Scenics is ranked #1 out of 23 model railroad scenery supplies manufacturers, followed by Scenic Express, and Walthers Accessories. This is the PlasterWrap (8'' x 15' 20.3cm x 4.57m) from Scenic Express.

What should the scenery look like on a train?

Scenery Bring your railroad to life with lush greenery, fall colors, or glistening snow, and add trees, water, crops, shrubs, and more for a vibrant and realistic layout. Browse by Scale, Manufacturer and more

What are the features of a layout kit?

Train set, track, buildings and vehicles not included. About Layout Kits Layout systems allow modelers to easily finish a complete layout while developing the expertise to keep on building! Designed to work together, the layout, scenery and building kits can also be used separately. Each kit includes detailed plans and instructions.

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