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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best model railroad scenery manufacturer?

Woodland Scenics is ranked #1 out of 23 model railroad scenery supplies manufacturers, followed by Scenic Express, and Walthers Accessories. This is the PlasterWrap (8'' x 15' 20.3cm x 4.57m) from Scenic Express.

Which is the best type of model train?

Freight Cars is the most popular of the 17 model trains categories, then Buildings, and Railroad Scenery. Woodland Scenics is ranked #1 out of 271 model trains manufacturers, followed by Atlas, and Bachmann. Sub-Categories for Model Trains

What should the scenery look like on a train?

Scenery Bring your railroad to life with lush greenery, fall colors, or glistening snow, and add trees, water, crops, shrubs, and more for a vibrant and realistic layout. Browse by Scale, Manufacturer and more

What kind of scenery does Woodland Scenics make?

Woodland Scenics manufactures high-quality products for hobbyists to create realistic model scenery for model railroads, architectural layouts, dioramas, gaming, military models, miniatures and more. COVID-19 Update: Free Shipping on Website Orders over $99. WOODLAND®Quality Brands presents Woodland Scenics PineCar Scene-A-Rama Woodland Scenics

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