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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best manufacturer of model trains?

Woodland Scenics is ranked #1 out of 272 model trains manufacturers, followed by Atlas, and Bachmann. This is the Themed "Outdoor Dining" Scenic Accents HO Scale Figures by Woodland Scenics. Atlas Model Railroad Co. has Designed This Set of Nickel Silver Rail Joiners To Be Used with Your HO Scale Model Railroad Track.

What kind of train nails do you need for a model train?

For Adult Model Railroaders. This is a Set of Atlas Track Nails (HO and N Scale) for experienced train collectors. The Atlas Passenger Station is a composite design combining the more attractive features from several of the many styles of stations erected by the nation's railroads, in countless numbers throughout the country.

Which is the most popular model railroad scale?

A History In a bid to offer a small model railroad scale suitable for use in homes of all sizes, German manufacturer Bing released the Table-top Railway in 1922. Today, HO remains the most popular scale worldwide, with a large and varied selection of realistic models from countries across the globe.

Are there any new Athearn locomotives in stock?

Great new releases are now in-stock from Athearn and Roundhouse! Including new locomotives & freight cars in HO and N scale! These detailed models come equipped with Paragon 3 DCC & Sound!

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