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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make modeling clay?

Homemade Modeling Clay Recipe #4. 1 cup cornstarch. 2 cups baking soda. 1-1/2 cups cold water. food coloring (optional) Mix and heat the ingredients together over low heat until a dough is formed. Cover the clay with a damp cloth and allow it to cool before use.

How do you make modeling clay Harden?

To harden modeling clay that's polymer-based, start by placing the clay on a ceramic baking dish. Then, bake the clay in the oven for 10-30 minutes at 215-300 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on what the packaging your clay came in says.

How can I soften modeling clay?

Warm the clay using a heat source. If the clay is especially hard, you may need to use a heat source to soften the clay. Lay a hot water bottle over your clay for twenty minutes to help soften it. You can also use a heat lamp, but be sure to not heat the clay over body temperature.

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