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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you demold a clay head form?

When you are ready to demold, simply turn the mold over with the bottom side up, unscrew the included inset bottle cap and fill the head form with hot water. Within minutes, radiant heat will begin to penetrate the clay and into the mold for the easiest demolding experience you've ever had. Say goodbye to broken or stuck head forms!

How much clay do you need to make a human head?

In the video, Kent is using 5-6 pounds of clay to make a head that is about half life-size. If you want to create a full life-size head, you’ll need twice that amount of clay (10-12 pounds). The same ratios and proportions still apply, just on a larger scale.

What is modeling clay used for?

Professional-quality modeling clay is used by sculptors, clay animators, and model makers, while other, more pliable varieties are designed for children’s use — great for creative learning and play time! Air-dry varieties of modeling clay can be decorated when dry.

Can you use any type of clay for sculpting?

Numerous types of clay are available today, but not all of them are suitable to be used in sculpting. If you find a clay that you want to use for sculpting, it is better to test it before buying it in bulk. Testing clay’s suitability for sculpting is fairly straightforward.

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