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Frequently Asked Questions

Is air dry clay and modeling clay the same thing?

Air-Dry Clay, also called ADC, is a modeling clay, that as its name suggests, is a modeling clay that air drys. No heating, no oven - just leave the modeling clay at room temperature and it will begin to harden. Don't worry, the modeling clay won't harden while you're working with it.

How do you make modeling clay?

Homemade Modeling Clay Recipe #4. 1 cup cornstarch. 2 cups baking soda. 1-1/2 cups cold water. food coloring (optional) Mix and heat the ingredients together over low heat until a dough is formed. Cover the clay with a damp cloth and allow it to cool before use.

Can You bake modelling clay?

Standard modeling clay (like plasticine) cannot be baked. Polymer clay like the Fimo, Premo, and Sculpey brands in the craft store can be baked in a home oven according to the manufacturer's instructions.

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