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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the term "modeling" exactly mean?

Generally, the process of representing a real-world object or phenomenon as a set of mathematical equations. More specifically, the term is often used to describe the process of representing 3-dimensional objects in a computer. All 3-D applications, including CAD/CAM and animation software, perform modeling.

What is the definition of modeling in art?

Modeling is an ancient technique, as indicated by prehistoric clay figurines from Egypt and the Middle East. Modeling is an additive process, as opposed to carving, the other main sculptural technique, in which portions of a hard substance are cut away to reveal form.

What is modeling learning?

Modeling is a form of learning where individuals ascertain how to act or perform by observing another individual.

What is live modeling in psychology?

A live model, which involves an actual individual demonstrating or acting out a behavior. A verbal instructional model, which involves descriptions and explanations of a behavior. A symbolic model, which involves real or fictional characters displaying behaviors in books, films, television programs, or online media.

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