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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by Model View ViewModel?

Model–view–viewmodel (MVVM) is a software architectural pattern that facilitates the separation of the development of the graphical user interface (the view) – be it via a markup language or GUI code – from the development of the business logic or back-end logic (the model) so that the view is not dependent on any specific model platform.

Where do I find modeling view in Power BI?

To access Modeling view, select the Modeling view icon found on the left side of Power BI Desktop, as shown in the following image. With Modeling view, you can create diagrams of your model that contain only a subset of the tables in your model.

What do you need to know about molview?

Drawing structural formulas MolView consists of two main parts, a structural formula editor and a 3D model viewer. The structural formula editor is surround by three toolbars which contain the tools you can use in the editor.

How is a presentation model similar to a MVVM?

MVVM is a variation of Martin Fowler's Presentation Model design pattern. MVVM abstracts a view's state and behavior in the same way, but a Presentation Model abstracts a view (creates a view model) in a manner not dependent on a specific user-interface platform.

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